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How devCodeCamp Instructor Cash Myers Teaches Students with His 40 Years of Experience

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How devCodeCamp Instructor Cash Myers Teaches Students with His 40 Years of Experience


The team of instructors at devCodeCamp’s online coding and data analytics bootcamp play an important role during each course. They are the team you interact with the most during your journey through our online classes and play a crucial role in laying the groundwork for your success as a devCodeCamp student. This team is made up of fantastic individuals who come from different backgrounds and are able to implement their unique skills and personalities into each class they are teaching. When it comes to devCodeCamp instructor Cash Myers, his background with coding started in the 1980’s and it has become a crucial part of his life ever since.  

“I started developing coding on an Apple II. Microsoft had just come out with Bill Gate’s Windows version [of] their IBM PC. When I was in college, they had a couple of those. They sat them there and nobody knew what to do with them. You turned it on and saw this little flashing cursor and it would just sit there with a blank screen...Nobody knew what to do with it. There was no user interaction. That’s when I started! There were no degrees. There were very few books...It was a self-teaching process at that time,” Cash reflects on his starting days of becoming a developer.  

Little did he know then, decades later he would be on a team of instructors teaching hopeful adult students the skills they need to launch their career in technology with devCodeCamp. His starting days as a developer crafted a lifelong love, passion, and hobby that he still holds close to him professionally and personally.  

Cash is one of the instructors that is a familiar face to many students since he helps play such an important role in the online class setting. He is able to take his many years of experience, his brilliant perspective on life and technology, and his laid-back demeanor to elevate his students to their highest potential. 

“I love the concept of teaching and learning. Personally, I get a bit of a charge to see somebody learn something and positively impact their life someway with it,” Cash explained passionately. 

This episode of the devCodeCamp Podcast is full of wisdom, a peek into our bootcamp, and insightful advice that highlights Cash Myers as the talented developer and inspiring instructor he is. Make sure to listen to the entire episode now on your favorite podcast platform or our YouTube channel. If you’re ready to learn more about our coding and data analytics online bootcamp, reach out today!



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